Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Shellac- 'Steel Gaze' from 'The forbidden' collection.

Steel gaze is a strange one, i though it was going to be grey.. like steel... but its more like erm 'moss gaze'? Yes it has a very distinct green tone to it however I would defiantly put in in my neutrals collection. 

Its a metallic, antiqued, muted bronzed green with grey undertones and flecks of shimmer. its a really nice colour in dull light but in bright sun its amazing! it has this mass of gold and silver tiny shimmer particles!
If you love, rubble, iced cappuccino and sugared spice you will love this! I also don't think theres a duplicate colour already in the shellac collection, the most similar is sugared spice but this has lots more green and lots more sparkle! Its a strange yet beautiful colour.
This didn't shrink at all like some do (for example lobster roll) and the texture wasn't as runny and thin as there spring collection (blue azure etc) its a nice texture :) It is a bit harder to apply due to the metallic, you have to make sure that the brush lines are in the same direction as the strokes show up really easily, it also has the tendency to bubble when cured it you have done the layer slightly to thick so you have to take more care with your application then some of the easier colours :) 

so to the right is it in dull light, and left is it in bright light, you can see just how much the different lighting effects this colour, it really is rather unique!

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